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Walkie Talkies were first patented in 1938 by Al Gross. They were first used by the military only most likely because they were so expensive and very large and heavy for the average person to buy and use. In fact, someone needed to carry part of the walkie talkie on their back because it was so large. It is not so clear who should get credit for the invention of the device. Around the same time Al Gross was working on his model, Donald Hings was working on his version of the walkie talkie which he called a "packset". Hings invention was used during War World Two starting in 1942 and was very important in the war effort.

For example, when I worked with the American Council on Exercise, I helped them generate over 340.8 million media impressions in three years, through smart watch and public service ads. I have also secured nearly $1 million in free media exposure for my clients.

One of my first thoughts for this gadget was that it was going to take a beating. I've worn a watch for most of my life and I can't tell you how many crystals I've destroyed, bands decimated, or gashes inflicted. Because of this rough nature we have with our things, there's an entire industry dedicated to making protective wear for your smartphones; so how's that going to work for a watch? I saw on G4 some time back that there were prototypes for flexible smartphones. I'm assuming that the mobile wireless will more closely resemble this flexible phone than it will the traditional, hard plastic / rigid phone. At least I hope, otherwise, you'd better get the warranty with the watch because you'll use it weekly!

PCS: Personal communication service (PCS) is a second-generation mobile communications technology also referred to as digital cellular. The digital service, which works over CDMA and TDMA interfaces, operates at the 1900 MHz frequency range. People sometimes think PCS is a SPRINT product, they were, in fact, just one of the first companies in America to use it.

Don't expect to be able to talk to people with you while the race is running unless you have walkie talkie type headsets. You can't hear anything because it's just that loud. You may be able to talk a bit during a caution but that is about it. Either work out a few hand signals or write it down but talking is almost impossible.

Open Your Heart. There's love all around you. Unfortunately, it is often drowned out by the constant drone of negative press, petty arguments, silly upsets, old grudges, etc. Who (or what) in your life have you not forgiven? Remember, forgiving is all about you and not the other person. By letting go of the poison, you're free to live life fully. Is there tension or unresolved issues with your partner? Clean them up, and get back in touch with the love that brought you together. What is life about, if not love?

Morgan tells his story and says that he could not kill his zombie wife. He ended up going to the cellar for food and when he came back up, his wife was standing in front of Duane. His son was pointing a gun at her but when Morgan called his name it distracted him and before he knew it it was motorola radio too late.

According to "The Walking Dead" spoilers, this episode has no scenes of the prison, Woodbury or any other characters. However, it seems that Carl and Michonne bond while picking out a playpen and viewers find out what happened to Morgan and Duane. Will Morgan return for another episode? Will he change his mind and go to the prison?

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