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Microwaves from cell phones are surrounding us! Have you been aware of that? Today cell phones are becoming an tool in everyday life. It is not a piece of news that these small devices radiate microwaves which can bring potential harm to our health.

Whether you chose the in-ear, over the head, or over the ear neck-band headphones types, they have to be secure while running. There are some very good models around these days and once you ascertain which ones will stay in place, it's just a matter of preference with sound and style. My girlfriend uses Sony MDREX71's and I have to say they sound fantastic, but for some reason, I just don't feel comfortable wearing them for jogging.

"Child In Time" closes out the first side of the album. This is the other must have song on the disc. Personally I rate it as the greatest heavy metal song ever. That's a pretty over the top statement but all I can say is, put on some hearing aids, crank it up and sit back and listen. The song opens with a nice little organ bit and then descends into nine minutes or so of some of the deepest, darkest rock there is. Ian Gillan's vocals on this might be the straight ahead greatest piece of singing in metal history. His range is amazing and the screams beyond blood curdling. Ritchie Blackmore's guitar solo is also out of this world. If Deep Purple had broken up after this album this song alone would have secured their place in music history.

Currently held at Silverstone in Northampshire, it is one of the oldest continuously held formula one championships. Presently the circuit length is 5.901 km and the race length is 306.747 km. One of the premier racing events in the year in England, the course has now been modified to give a brand new circuit configuration.

What we are earpiece trying to say is don't be afraid to spend money on quality transcription supplies for your career. Within only a couple of months, transcriptionist jobs always pay for the money that was spent to make everything possible.

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